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human growth hormone, hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
Human Growth Hormone - HGH
human growth hormone, hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
Measuring Growth Hormone In The Body

The aging process can be measured by levels of DHEA, Growth Hormone, and Somatomedin C in the blood. Another way is to look at the genetic timeclock which is a series of amino acids or telomeres. Growth hormone, formed by the pituitary gland has a profound effect on all the cells of the body, more than any other hormone. It may be stimulated in young adults by weight training and resistance exercise. Aerobic exercise can also have a profound effect in stimulating growth hormone production in people over 40.

In people over 70, growth hormone can increase muscle mass and lower body fat without any changes in diet or exercise. However, a low fat diet and weight lifting can help to accelerate an increase in muscle mass and decrease body fat in elderly adults.

Growth hormone is safe with no known side effects when it is taken in the proper amounts. Too much or too little will have no effect at all, therefore, it is very important that the dosage be the correct amount for each individual.

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human growth hormone, hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
Table of Contents
human growth hormone, hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
  1. Human growth hormone.. is it the fountain of youth?
  2. Growth Hormone and Aging.
  3. Growth hormone - proven scientific information of GH.
  4. Symptoms of deficiency in growth hormone.
  5. Signs of deficiency.
  6. Measuring growth hormone in the body.
  7. Amino acids can also stimulate growth hormone.
  8. Hormones that enhance the effects of growth hormone.
  9. IGF-1 and Prostate Cancer: An Insubstantial Link
  10. More Information.
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human growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
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