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human growth hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
Human Growth Hormone - HGH
human growth hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
The Use of the Human Growth Hormone in the Elderly
By: Dr. Steve Novil

To talk about HGH it is nessesary to talk briefly about the pituitary gland, which is the gland that produces the HGH. This gland is divided in three parts and with a very notable structure. Each part produces different hormones, and these hormones will stimulate specific parts in the body. We know that HGH stimulates the growth in children, but what effects can we expect in the adult?

Which anti-aging effects can it give us?

The HGH or SOMATOTROPIN is produced in the front pituitary and this hormone stimulates not only growth in the body, it works also in the proteins, electrolytes, and carbohydrates metabolism, soluble colagen synthesis and erithropoyesis. It's effect on growth is not direct, it works through the somatomedines or growth factors(sulfatation factors), also sinergistically with other glands in the body

All adults are interested in finding one substance that can give us better quality of life, one substance that:

  • Has an anabolic effect
  • Reenforces the immune system
  • Burns the fat
  • Repairs the tissue damage
  • Repairs the muscle and increases the strength and mass

This prospect is contained in the HGH. It has been showing good results in anti-aging techniques.

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human growth hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
Table of Contents
human growth hormone, growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
  1. Human growth hormone.. is it the fountain of youth?
  2. Growth Hormone and Aging.
  3. Growth hormone - proven scientific information of GH.
  4. Symptoms of deficiency in growth hormone.
  5. Signs of deficiency.
  6. Measuring growth hormone in the body.
  7. Amino acids can also stimulate growth hormone.
  8. Hormones that enhance the effects of growth hormone.
  9. IGF-1 and Prostate Cancer: An Insubstantial Link
  10. More Information.
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human growth hormone, anti aging treatment,
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